Monday, August 22, 2011

Herbs a Beautiful Centerpiece

So much for my weekly posting schedule. I cannot believe how this summer is slipping away and I am getting nothing done on my blog. The kids are getting ready for the new school year which starts tomorrow. I think we are all ready for some routine even though they don't think they are. I know I am. I miss my mornings when I dropped everyone off and came home to my quiet house had my coffee and sat to write. The quiet time is so necessary.

Ok so back to the reason I am here my post. I don't know if you do this, but I like to get a vase and fill it with herbs. Especially when the herbs start to flower and you don't want them to go to seed. In an attempt to keep my herbs around longer I give them a good haircut often. Making a fresh herb bouquet is a great way to accomplish this and adds a nice touch to any table. Add flowers too if you have them.

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