Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Your Garden Gives You Green Tomatoes...You Take A Photo

I am not a gardener. Oh I have tried. To grow vegetables that is.

It is a joke between my husband and I about my lack of gardening prowess. But what I do have however is an appreciation for anything grown.

So my yield this year on tomatoes was 4 red ones, 6 green that never went to red before the frost and two green ones eaten by my Labrador Retriever, who is a vegetarian.

Ok nothing we could ever survive on, but being the creative that I am I jumped at the chance to photograph my little green darlings. Plucking them from the vine before the cold made them unphotogenic.

They are simply gorgeous and are bringing me much joy as I move them around on set. The color is stunning.

This year’s low tomato yield I believe to be credited to the weather partially, always blame the weather that is the Chicago way, or to having them in a pot that was too small.

No matter, the few tomatoes that I did grow were stellar in taste. Even though the yield was low my joy was high.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post. I am pulling my brussel sprouts out of the ground before the next frost. 

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