Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Year Old

Well, I had a plan to post on May 11th which is my blogs one year anniversary. But like all well layed plans it did not happen. I got called to help another food stylist on a job and could not turn down the real pay. So my blog post had to wait.

So here we are and it is May 17th and I am happy to be writing that the blog is one year old. Like all birthdays we look back and lament about the past year and all that has happened. For me the blog has been a place to play, learn, and grow in many ways. As a writer, not my strength, a photographer and a stylist.

It is very fun to look back at all the posts and remember those days and what was going on when the photo was taken. Some of the pictures I love and some not so much. Still it is a moment in time that something was created.

To me jumping into something is the most important. It may not be perfect right out of the gate but it will get there if you have or form a vision of where you are going and what you want your art to be. It really is about the journey and what you learn along the way. 

I was planning on doing a photo of a cake with a candle for my birthday post however I changed my mind after working on a shoot and really liking the salad we made. Plus it is spring and all the greens are so beautiful and inspiring. This is the time of year when lighter fare feels best. So I thought of this salad. To me a perfect meal is what I shot above. A nice light salad with a dab of protein,  a hearty roll and the perfect beverage a splash of wine to put it all together.

Macro Salad

The greens I used here are baby romaine. I added some micro greens for an extra light touch, baby cucumbers and some red onion. I also like to add sweet to my salads that is where raspberries come in. For the goat cheese medallion I used plain goat cheese and doctored it up a bit by adding tri-colored peppercorns. You can do this with other seasonings or fresh herbs, etc. Not hard to do and cheaper and fresher tasting than having the factory do it.

Start with plain goat cheese

Next crush peppercorns

Roll goat cheese on waxed paper with peppercorns

When you roll the goat cheese make sure it is cold. You should be able to slice it right away. If it squishes when slicing place in freezer for about 5 minutes. This would be great on sandwiches too or used as an appetizer with crackers or a great loaf of bread. 

Looking forward to the next year with all it has to offer. Thanks for your comments and encouragement it helps so much. Thanks to Susan wherever you are for your last comment. "This blog rocks"! Keep updating. It really helps a blogger to know they are not blogging to themselves. So keep the comments coming I love hearing from you all!
Good luck in whatever you are creating and remember to create something everyday. We will make the world a better place!

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