Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Dogs Birthday

In our house of three dogs and two kids we have birthdays. The dogs are part of the family and as family members they get a birthday celebration when it is their time. 

Harry is born in April he is our belgian malinois mix and deemed himself leader of the pack. Then there are the girls Jasmine our puggle and Baby our black lab mix born in May and June respectively. Jasmine is 6 and she is our oldest. Our love for dogs grew after having her and we started fostering puppies for The Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society. Well let me tell you when those sick pups are in your home you get very attached. Hence Harry and Baby never left and we ended up adopting them. We still foster on occasion but it is only for short stays.

This year has been a little crazy with me working more and kids getting older and going in different directions so the dogs birthdays this year were not exactly celebrated on time. I hope they are not keeping track. Bad mommy.

So Harry’s was celebrated a week later than his actual birthday and Jasmine's was not celebrated at all. So I decide to celebrate hers and Baby's this Saturday on Baby’s actual birthday. They are always together so it was fitting. Also then I would just make one cake. Oh yes the dogs get a birthday cake. And presents too. 

Not a birthday cake made for humans but a cake made with stuff dogs love. I have a dog recipe book that has lots of cool recipe ideas but usually I just make one up. They have never refused one of my cakes yet. We even put a candle in it the whole nine yards. I usually take some kibble or low calorie liver treats and make a flour with it in the food processor. I will mix it with some whole grain flours, wheat germ, baking powder and add some egg, maybe yogurt and add blueberries or something similar and bake it in a cake pan. The frosting is what they like best. I mix a liver sausage or braunschwager with cream cheese and top the cake with it.

When I am frosting the cake they know it is for them. They hover around me more than usual and the excitement is intense.

Here is Harry, leader of the pack waiting for his piece. The other dogs stand back. This is how dog packs work there is a pecking order and they all know who is the boss.

Harry Focusing On What He Wants-CAKE


  1. I am very impressed because I have a hard time with all my human relatives birthdays and such. I have cats and they celebrate every morning when they hear that cat food can pop! I can live with that.

    Happy Birthday to all those adorable mugs!

  2. Thank you for this post. We all know that dogs age a lot faster than we are, that is why every milestone is very important and memorable. We now live in an age where we appreciate more about life, and give something more than we usually do. See more here