Friday, June 3, 2011


So often for work as a food stylist we are looking for the perfect piece of produce. The ones with not a wrinkle not a blemish. The supermodels, if you will, of the food world.

When I'm doing my own creative thing in the home studio I do what is real. That is why I love this photo so much. I got these limes from Trader Joe's in a green mesh bag. They were buried at the bottom of the fruit drawer in the frig. My husband nicknamed the drawer "the rotter" because often times things on the bottom die a slow and hopefully painless death. We'll when looking for a lime for my sparkling water this is what I found. I was not sad that they weren't perfect. I rejoiced in their age and imperfections.

I immediately thought of this bowl bowl given to me by my cousin and her new husband at their wedding. They are potters, no relation to Harry,  and for their wedding they put a handmade piece of pottery at everyone's place setting. What a great idea.

Thanks Andrea and Michael for your great handmade bowl made with love and imperfections. A perfect vessel for my aging limes.

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