Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photo Shoot~Espresso and French Pastry

I have no aspirations to be a writer but love to talk and share things I have learned. Mostly, I like telling stories with pictures. So today's post is sharing some pastries and espresso from my favorite bakery in the area Three Tarts. I use this bakery when I need perfect rolls for a food styling job or special breads. They even do custom orders if you ask nicely.  Gotta love that. 

So my husband gave me a shot idea the other day when he looked at our espresso pot on the stove. He said "you should take a picture of that with all the dried espresso". "It's really funky." We'll funky it is so that gave me the idea for this shot. The cups were purchased in Italy on a trip years ago. The board was given to me by my friend Anastasia. She found it while walking on the beach with her dog Moxie. I had showed her the backgrounds I made one day along with some props I had found.  Now she is always finding me weathered wood. Best gifts ever.

What else would go with espresso but a good croissant and pain au chocolate. Not as good as Paris but pretty darn close. 

The shoot is over when I get hungry!

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