Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Backlit Dead Flowers

The winter skies have past and the spring light has come with all it's glory. What I love about photography and shooting natural light is the connection you have to the planet. You notice the change in the seasons and you have a respect for what they give you. The winter skies with their blueish tones the summer with it's harsh shadows and bright sun that needs lots of filtering. 

The spring however is so exciting. It seems like overnight a switch is hit and everything is changing. The light coming up over the lake in the morning is brilliant. I find myself getting excited by the little bits of it here and there and the shadows it produces. As a natural light photographer you are always chasing light. Without it you have nothing. So it's value is priceless. There is an appreciation that can't be verbalized. You run with glee when it is right and you curse it when it is fleeting. 

The photo above was taken of some roses I had a little to long. As I have said before in my post in 2011 "Beauty in Decay" I think there is a real beauty in things that are in decay. The way the leaves fall when dried and withering, the way the flowers droop like an old man who is tired after a long day. To me the great joys in life are looking at the ordinary things in our life and appreciating them. 

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