Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Macro Spring

Japanese Plum Tree in Front Yard

My friend Dianne reminded me that my  blog has detoured from food momentarily. 
Yes she is right. I will get back on track this week, I was derailed by something us Midwesterner's go nuts for and that is early spring! In the month of March we set record temperatures for warmth. We had 8 days in the 80's or near 80's. I grabbed my camera and could not get enough of the beauty around me out of doors. 

Wild Chives In The Field Where I Walk The Dogs

The things that start popping through the ground are like old friends. You have not seen them in awhile but when you are reunited you smile ear to ear. That is the memory that hit me when I was out shooting for this post. I shot very close and got some great macro shots. I am really into macro photography. I love looking at ordinary things in a new way. Up close you can see life around you in a more intimate way. The way a rain drop hangs. How often do we stop to notice these things. I do. Always. My kids say "Mom you're weird"! Well maybe I am but I would not change a thing about my weirdness it is who I am. It is my art. Dare to look closely. 

Very Tiny Blue Belles In Neighbors Yard

These beauties Are The First To Arrive In Suburbia

Moss On The Back Fence

My Son Turned 12 This Month!

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