Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Roast Chicken Tuesday

About twice a month on a Tuesday I head to Whole Foods market for what I call Chicken Tuesday. It used to be on Thursday now moved to Tuesday. Chicken Tuesday is when Whole Foods offers whole organic roast chickens for $6.99 regularly priced $8.99. You can choose from different flavors such as plain, herbes de Provence, cajun or lemon. I usually wait for them to come fresh off the rotisserie waiting  like a stalker until new chickens are packaged. I don't like chicken that has sat too long in plastic on a heated surface. Whole Foods does write the time that the chicken came out of the rotisserie on each container. This is a nice touch. 

To me this chicken can't be beat for a quick meal. Last night I roasted some potatoes with some meyer lemons, summer savory, and garlic cloves. When these were just about finished roasting I added the chicken and turned the temperature of the oven from 400 to 350 degrees F to rewarm the chicken. I also poured the juices from the chicken on the potatoes for extra flavor. Some green beans were steamed to complete the meal. 

So check your local Whole Foods market to see what night they offer this chicken deal. I actually can get two meals out of this chicken. On Wednesday I  take the rest of the meat from the carcass and make a homemade chicken noodle soup. You could also do a chicken tetrazzini, chicken salad, or any other dish which calls for cooked chicken.  Enjoy!

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