Friday, July 1, 2011

July Snuck Up On Us

Today is July 1st. How in the world does summer go so quickly. The fourth of July weekend is upon us and I am working on some great recipes and articles to post. The light this morning is uninspiring so I will be at the computer writing a little longer than expected.

My life does revolve around light. I appreciate it so much and am in awe of it's beauty and chameleon like qualities. Like for instance last night I was sitting on the screened in porch listening to the summer concert at the music festival that is very near our home. Maroon Five was playing very nicely I might add and loud and clear except when the wind would whip up. Seriously, I thought a tornado was coming. Anyway, while this weather was going through it's many stages of transformation one thing happened. The light in the sky turned a yellow. It was wild. My son and I ran outside and I begged him to let me photograph him. It was like the whole back yard had a yellow filter over it. Really cool.

The lemons in the picture above were taken when I found these bowls recently at a thrift store. They were made in Poland. I love the color. What else to put in them but beautifully shaped lemons. Ok, right this minute I can't stop thinking about homemade lemonade. Do you make it? It is so easy. Make a simple syrup. Equal parts sugar and water heated on the stove until sugar melts. Let come to room temperature.

Mix fresh squeezed lemon juice with simple syrup and water then serve over lot of ice. The amount you add of each is too your liking. I like it more tart than sweet. Do what you like. Add a lemon wedge or wheel to the edge of your glass. Lemon balm leaves or fresh mint are a nice addition too.

Let's try to appreciate every day we have left of summer. So much bounty left to harvest.


  1. Those bowls are gorgeous! And fresh squeezed lemonade sounds wonderful :)

  2. so much fun to read. wish it would go on forever