Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Help I'm In A Food Rut And I Don't Know How To Get Out!!!

Scenes From The Kitchen-Orange Juice, Cream Cheese, Latte, Pencil and Sword

Been there done that. Call it a food rut or funk, whatever. The truth is I hit bottom. 

When I food style I’m creating great food with a team of people. Collaborating , creating and getting paid. At home I was feeling like Cinderella before the slipper fit. Wiping cinder from my face while attacking endless piles of dishes. 

Cooking 2-3 meals a day for 7 days a week. It can be exhausting and thankless. 

Dinner is the most trying. 

The minute everyone comes home from school/work I hear the words that make me cringe. What’s for Dinner???? 

When I was in my food rut I felt burned out. The kids are older now 11 and 14 and have opinions.  I have one gourmet eater, one picky eater, one carnivor, my husband, and I am mainly a vegetarian using meat as a condiment. 

Pleasing everyone, making nutritios foods, the shopping, the clean up-no paycheck equals burnout. I was tired. 

Ok so now what, well I tried many things. I got a book called the zen of housecleaning. I lit candles and put on music and tackled the dishes. It may have helped some but still tired. 
A lot of how this blog came to be got me out of the funk. I decided to change my attitude and make what I do fun. I picked up my camera and photographed things that were cool around me. Yes, my family thinks I’m weird but so what. I was finding my way to make something that was becoming monotonous and thankless into something that inspired me. When I cook meals I think of them in my mind. In food magazines they are always telling a story with the photos. Well, I am living a real life story so I capture it and tell about it on my blog. Fulfilling my creative spirit and feeding my family beautifully nutritious food at the same time.

 Before I was cooking what everyone wanted. Now I am being true to who I am and what I believe. There maybe an eyebrow raised if they don’t like what I’m servin up but hey they are not starving over here. I will try to accommodate the picky eater by leaving things plain for him before adding sauce. I will leave spice on the side for the kids, things like that. Do what works for you but think of others as well. It is a win win situation. 

Like they say if momma aint happy nobody bein happy!!
Ok I’m not from the south but that just sounded like it needed a southern accent.

Say goodbye to your food rut hello happy cookin!! 

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