Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Favorite Spatula

This is my favorite spatula of all time. Many years ago my mother in law was in for a visit. She was helping me wash a mile high pile of dishes. After we were done I went to throw something in the trash. I noticed my spatula on top of the trash. I questioned why it was there. My mother in law thought it was old and belonged there. Inside I was fuming. Ok you have to know my mother in law. She was probably 86 at the time.  She is the sweetest lady you have ever met. She is the kind of lady boy scouts help across the street. A bingo loving sweet little gray haired polish woman. I have never been mad at her a day in my life. Except for 15 minutes the day my spatula entered the trash can behind the wooden door.

I dug it from the trash and washed it off and here we are blogging about it. Ok get over it you say it is only a spatula. What makes it so special? Well the new spatulas they make are actually thicker and do not bend. This is very thin and can easily get under things another spatula won't. To someone who works in a kitchen the tools we use are very personal. To Helen who grew up in the depression it was an old beat up thing. But to me it was something I used every day. You get attached to things that you like and you can't put a price on that. 

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