Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome to a suburban kitchen

Now when you think of a suburban kitchen you may get ideas of formica, shake and bake, jello molds and the like. Well when choosing a name for my blog I had some names in mind but when it came right down to it where I work is "a suburban kitchen."  That is when I am not working in photo kitchens around Chicago as a commercial food stylist. 

I must say I resisted the move to the burbs. Leaving the urban life and our 32nd floor, culture and good eats was hard to do. But as a mother of an 18 month old and another bun in the oven I decided I didn't want to worry about Chicago public schools or paying for private. So we headed to the burbs!

After naming the blog I started thinking about suburban and never really thought about the word. I guess it's translation is sub-urban SO this means less than urban? We in the suburbs are less than urban whatever that means. Oh I guess it means were not cool. I beg to differ.

My suburban kitchen is pretty cool and very lived in with two kids, three dogs, foster dogs that pass through on their way to forever homes, oh and a husband who works hard as a creative director to bring home that bacon, and I do mean "the maple kind"!!

I took years off of my career to stay home with the kids. During this time as a home cook I learned so much from having to cook for a family 7 days a week three meals a day. I made a LOT of recipes. We don't own a microwave we cook real food. It is from scratch and made fresh daily. While cooking for the family I did get in some major food ruts but I found a way to get out of that rut. One day in a suburban kitchen I was at the sink washing the dishes for the gazillionth time, a chore I do not enjoy by the way, when the light coming in got me excited. I had some lettuce in a colander and the way the light was backlighting the leaves. I got so excited. Where is my nikon? I shot some pictures and my kitchen has never been the same. I have transformed it into a mini photo studio and love my north light kitchen. Here I can use many creative parts of me photo taker, story teller, cook and baker.

So grab a latte, spot of tea, shot of vodka, glass of wine or whatever your desired libation is  and keep checking in. I will be posting recipes, sharing cooking tips from myself and other interesting cooks, and maybe even a podcast or video. 

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