Saturday, May 14, 2011

Herbs Are In Their Pots-Finally

Took this shot of the oregano and sage sharing a pot for now until they get going. Used a yellow filter just  for fun.

This was the longest winter in history or maybe as we get older it just seems that way. Anyway last week the herbs went into their appropriate pots. I have to say this is a big deal here in the Chicago Burbs. For 8 months when we want herbs we have to get those expensive little plastic packages of herbs. Ok I am glad we have them but it is not the same as fresh from the garden.  The whole experience is missed. I love it when I'm cooking and I tell the kids to go get me some cilantro from the garden. There usual response is "which one is cilantro?" I kind of describe it and let them have at it. I may even give them a smell profile to go by. Such as for Rosemary "the one that smells like pine trees"! 9/10 times they get it right and it teaches them to know their herbs. Very important in life!

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