Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Is Your Favorite French Word?

I have two parapluie and pamplemousse. Shown in the photo is freshly squeezed pamplemousse juice aka grapefruit! I guess this word in french also means "fatso" so it is used as an insult as well. Who Knew!

How did I get that deliciously looking froth to my juice you may ask? Well I have a little help from my Breville juicer. There are juicers and then their is the Breville juicer. If you are a serious juicer this is the one to get. The high power makes this froth. It is simply delicious.

I love to juice when I have odds and ends in the fruit drawer or fruit that is on it's last leg so to speak.

When the kids were younger and into it we would take different fruits and make our own creations. Then have a taste test usually using Dad as a tester. We came up with some cool combos. My fav is still straight pamplemousse.

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