Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wherever You Go There You Are

Dog Walkin Boots
These words of advice are from my friend Cindy. Extremely talented prop stylist and all around fun human being.

We had an opportunity to work on a very cool project for 3 months styling food for a web site launch.  In that time we had many talks about our kids, food, and life.

Her saying I think she said she got from her sister who said “wherever you go there you are.”

We all think at times that if I were here it would be better or if I have this I will be happy. The truth is no matter where you are you still look in the mirror and find the same person staring back at you. Whether you’re on the Champs Ellysee or suburbia USA.
You are you.

I admit this was a hard one for me and still is. I don't think I'm the type to stay settled. Leaving urbania and our high rise in the sky was my choice because now it was not about us any more. We had a family and living in 1,000 square feet wasn't going to cut it. 

When looking for a burb to live in,  it seemed that the “cooler suburbs” were those closest to the city. OK not that I’m so into being cool but to me the suburbs meant strip malls, chucky cheese and olive garden. Yes I have been to both of those places in my life. Truth be told. 

You were going suburban but not too suburban. Ok this sounded good. We looked and found something in one of the “cooler suburbs” but after a year we had it. Not what it was cracked up to be.

Our next move left us farther from urbania and to a suburb that is 35 minutes with no traffic meaning early Saturday or Sunday morn!

We’ve been here for 12 years now. I still dream of other places though am learning to embrace what I have here and really appreciate the good things. Trying to take wherever I am and make it my own.

Advice to self: Embrace the stage you’re at in your life and enjoy.

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