Friday, May 27, 2011

Silicone Not Just For Implants

Silicone is alive and well in kitchens across the planet.
Some of it I have embraced others I have not.

My recent purchase was a silicone pastry brush. I do like a bristle brush. But being the daredevil that I am, I thought I would give the silicone one a try. I am not a lover of plastic which silicone always looked like to me. My local crate and barrel sales lady told me that it is not plastic but made of bits of glass. Don’t be scared folks bits of glass will not be flaking off and entering your food.
What she was saying is true. Silicone products are made of a fiberglass mesh and food grade silicone.

Other than the fact that the brushes come in fun colors, what I liked most about them was the fact that you can clean it well. No bristles fall out in your food so that is good too.

When basting meats, I always felt that with the hair bristles were never sanitary. In the past I would label my brushes for pastry or for meat and that way you could be sure to keep them separate.

I do have a few silicone pot holders that I do not like. You can’t grip things with them. They do make nice trivets for the table though. For pot holders I use whatever is near me usually a kitchen towel or two. Be sure they are not damp as I have done in the past. Ouch! You will get burned.

I know many cooks/chefs use silpat which I saw on my first trip to Paris 16 years ago and it was revolutionary then. To me good old parchment works fine when I need it.

Silicone bakeware just scares me. Can't wrap my mind around it.

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