Friday, May 13, 2011

Mom Please Make Cookies Today!

The cookie of choice for my suburban kiddies is chocolate chip. These are a little flat for our taste but they were still delicious. The butter sat on the counter and being in the 80's it got a little too soft. I actually like the butter not real soft but not rock hard. The cookies don't spread that much when baked. I like to refrigerate my dough also after making, otherwise the butter melts to fast and you have thin cookies.

The recipe I use is on the Nestle Morsel package. I tweek a little sometimes adding a little more brown than white sugar and always increasing the vanilla to about 2 tsps.

My friendly suburban Williams Sonoma lady told me she adds a touch of almond extract with her vanilla and it just adds a little extra something. Have not tried this yet but will.

Oh on the subject of vanilla the only kind to use in my opinion and many other food professionals is Neilsen Massey. It is expensive but if you buy a large bottle it is more economical. I use vanilla a lot and it is worth it. They also sell almond extract too. There is not as much alcohol content and it has a pure flavor. Also the plant is local ,Waukegan, IL, so that is pretty cool.

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